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18 May 2010 @ 01:54 am
today is my birthday. <3  

(made by ryupon <3 it's so over the top, haha)
so today's my birthday! I've had a really wonderful day with wonderful presents, a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful lover. <3
I've gotten a camera as a birthday gift! <3 my old one broke, sadly. so I've taken the advantage of my Angelic Pretty dress and my new camera, to try out with some photos. I'll post them below in a cut~ *A*)// anyway, so what have I been spending my birthday on?

my girlfriend came home to me at 5 PM, with the most amazing, romantic gift ever. in some eyes, it's stupid, but for me, it was really romantic... it was this brownie (we ate brownies on a date once), where she had painted on Moomin with icing!! it's amazing, I still can't get myself to eat it, it looks so cute. I'll post it in under the cut too.
we watched some south park episodes ("MY COUSIN AND I TOUCHED WIIIIIENERS!"), and just lay on my bed, kissing and being sappy together. I've needed that, I can feel it. <3 I'm so sorry for everyone who reads this blog, haha...
we ate pancakes with my family, which was really lovely, they got along so well, since my mom is pretty openminded and Hayden already knows my sister. after that, we went out, shared a cup of coffee at a nice little café. I've finally started to like coffee, I feel so grown-up, haha~

so now, I'm sitting here all sappy and happy, just glad about everything right now. it feels great. <3 I'm happy.

the brownie my girlfriend gave me. <3 it's all handmade~<3 she's so sweet.

and then some camwhoring:

the amazing dress. <3

Current Music: rin oikawa - she said.
binary_saejun on May 18th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC)
Happy birthday~
You look so pretty!!