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09 April 2010 @ 10:47 pm

I've returned home for the weekend, which I've been looking forward to. ミ☆ (which means I will be able to follow all you guys here on LJ, haha. *crazy stalker*)

I really can't deal with the thought of having to go to a funeral tomorrow. luckily, after that, I'm going to spend all day with a very dear friend of mine called Laura, and Sunday, I'm going to visit my girlfriend. so I have some people to look after me, that's good. <3
I'll probably also update tomorrow, too, but with a list full of positive things and the like.

my mom didn't feel like cooking today (and our fridge was kind of empty. @D@..), so we went out for dinner. it was really lovely, and I ate way too much, it was so good. <3

I've gotten an addiction. Coca Cola Zero. almost zero calories, great taste and very, very addicting. it's like my Pink Lady apple fetish. coca cola zero x pink ladies = best thing in the world. <3 which reminds me of something... how on the world is it possible for all the celebrities to stay so skinny all the time? look at all the j-rockers and gals.. majorly depressing. (I almost wrote "dressing" instead, haha) especially Gal Sone and Ryuuji from zoro. HOW IS IT POSSIBLEEEEEE... he eats McD all the time. >:C unfair life is not fair.

you might remember my slight moomin obsession, right... well, there's this shop that fuels the obsession CRAZILY much, because you can buy all kinds of crap with moomin there. definitely going there tomorrow, after the funeral. <3 then I'll buy a bunch of stuff to cheer myself up with.
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08 April 2010 @ 04:34 pm

I'm back! or - I'm almost back! Cx hurhurrrr~<3 I've missed LJ, even though most of my friends have transferred on to Blogspot.com. I'm still hospitalized, so I can't comment that often on all your blogs, but I'll try to whenever I have internet-time here at the hospital. (which is only 10 minutes a day.... DX not pleased.)

so let me start out with what's going on in my life! ☆

I'm getting better!! ☆ I feel fine, and I'm definitely getting better, day by day. it's nice, because I no longer feel sadness as powerful as it used to be, but instead, I feel pleasant when thinking about all the good things in my life. my friends, my new girlfriend, the start of spring... I rarely have suicidal thoughts anymore, which has taken a lot of weight off from my shoulders. I feel so light, I can almost fly!

oh yeah, and I've gotten a new girlfriend. <3 she's amazing! I've really fallen head over heels for her.

I'm set out in the real world soon, by the hospital. I couldn't be any happier, I'm looking so much forward to it. the residence I'm going to live at, a house with 7 other teenagers that also deals with either depression, psychotic tendencies, schizophrenia and anxiety. I visited the residence this Tuesday, and the house was amazing. I even know one of the girls there. I couldn't look more forward to move, even if I wanted to. ☆

my mother's husband died of cancer a few days ago, though, so things at home is a little mixed. but I'm not gonna write about that right now; I just want to focus on the positive things. so I'm going to a funeral once again this Saturday. =/

I've become really fond of gyaru/gal. <3 I've gotten my extensions, fake lashes and circle lenses, so I'm on. I've also bought a bunch of new clothes, and I'm considering whether or not I should join the Danish gyaru circle "Galaxy". ☆ should I? 

it's nice to be back.. <3 now I'm off to read all your blogs, haha~
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21 November 2009 @ 02:57 pm

it's really been a while, hasn't it?

I'm sorry for not being able to read (and comment) all your nice people's blogs. I haven't forgotten any of you or anything. ♡

I'm currently permitted to a hospital. I've been that for over a month now. don't worry, it's nothing serious or anything. but that means that this blog will go through a hiatus, until I'm released/have gotten better.

I'm back again in a few months, depending on how the treatment might work for me.

I'm looking forward to get back again here, though.

take care, everyone~♡ I'm sorry if I've made any of you worry.

lately, I've been keeping myself warm in the evening while wearing kigurumi. ☆
I want one more... a rilakkuma one, but I have a lot of other things I also want to buy, so I don't think I can afford it right now. but when relaxing in the evening = kigurumi is the best.
I'm thinking about buying an Elmo one, because I have an eternal love towards elmo and sesame street... XD it's not very pretty, but it's elmo.
I'm really unsure which I want, so please help me. XD

I want to make curry rice with tempura for dinner soon. oh la laa~ I love both things to death, so I'm kinda looking forward to it, haha. it tastes like UUUUH~☆
I've btw decided to not get an eyebrow piercing until after the 13th of October, because of the MUCC concert. it's one of the piercings that gets rejected the easiest (or ripped out... D:), and I don't want that. @D@; but right after, I'll do it!! ☆ (and thenryuponcan be by my side at the same time, even betturrrh.)

I went shopping today~ ♡ I bought a lot of nice stuff, haha. I actually went out in order to buy a new bag, but it was kinda the only thing I didn't buy....... *suicides*
instead, I bought a lot of other lovely things I've wanted for a while, so that's good. ♡ I have a sick obsession with scarfs, and that's quite a bad thing since it's autumn, and you can buy scarfs EVERYWHERE now.... so I ended up buying 3 new ones.. @A@; I also bought a new hat, a really cool t-shirt from Kikstyo, and a fake pair of dr. martens shoes. I've been looking for them in months~☆ I can't afford the real ones, haha.

I think I'm gonna watch that movie "10 Promises To My Dog"..... because yes, I am super annoying and cheesy like that. XDD I want a pet so badly. one of the first things I'm gonna do when I move out, is buying a cat. XD 
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10 September 2009 @ 02:44 am

I cut my bangs shorter yesterday (which is... almost unnoticeable in the recent pictures because of how it's styled, lol). I was just tired of my right eye being covered by hair, since.. well. @D@; I got bored with it.
annnnd, tomorrow I'm dyeing it and cutting the rest a tad shorter, so it'll be good! =D

no wonder why my circle lenses has been painful to wear lately.... turns out that they expired 2 months ago, or something. XDDD FAAAAILLLL~ so I'm gonna buy some new ones very soon. a pair of black, pair of brown and a pair of.. either green or blue, since that's the colors closest to my own. XD circle lenses = SUPER LOOOVE. ♡

I've recently started watching a new jdrama called "Delicious Gakuin". it's kinda cheesy and seen-before, but quite entertaining anyways. XD

btw... the next entry I'm writing will probably be a little long, but I thought it would be smart to write what's actually going on right now (all the meetings and such).. I'm just gonna explain what's happening, because otherwise I'll feel like I'm lying or something, if I exclude it.. @D@ there's gonna be some changes in my life from now on, but in a better direction (hopefully)... so in a way, it's good news. depends on how you're seeing it. XD hmm, idk. I'm just trying to be positive about it.
so next entry will be long and urgh. XDD you can decide for yourself if you want to read it.

I just saw the preview of zoro's new PV, and UUUURGH I NEED IT! ♡ it looks awesome and... higher in budget, haha. urgh, so many releases in the future, my monies will all be gone! XD but okay, it will be worth eeeet~♡

ONCE I START I CANNOT STOP MYSELLLLF~ okay, I'll do another meme. XD I need to stop this, hahah! it's way too addicting... XD

meme~Collapse )

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29 August 2009 @ 11:41 pm

ain't this pretty? the changing sky outside was really pretty yesterday. this is right outside my window. ♥ I love colors like these. QWQ;)

I'm sick. I have a gay jungle fever.... ;_______; my face is really heated and I feel uncomfortable. I guess that's a pay-off from being stressed and all the stupid things I have done lately. XD no wonder I'm sick, it makes sense like this.

I HAD THE MOST HORRIBLE DREAM EVER THIS NIGHT!! ;____; when I woke up, I was so confused and out of it. it was horribleee...
well, I'm a huge fanatic of peter pan. and this night I dreamt peter pan got brutally killed. ;___; his guts were ripped out and blood everywhere, and it was a complete chaos. I died in the dream too, if I remember correctly. but I was reborn, and I could hear peter pan sing even though he was dead and it was REALLY freaky...
my mind was totally blasted when I woke up from that dream. peter pan can't die. nooooo.... ;O; *cri* that's terrible.

I'm thinking about booking an appointment at the piercer and get pierced again! *A*;) the bad thing is... I'm split between what I want. SO I NEED HELP; ONE MORE LIP PIERCING OR AN EYEBROW PIERCING?
if I get another lip piercing, I'll get one in the corner of the lip. and the one in the eyebrow... well, as a normal one. XD but I'm torn.. I want both of them equally much.
I'm also thinking about getting smaall sidecuts. 8D not that noticable, but just so I can style my hair better.

and... I don't have anymore time to udate, though I really want to tell some interesting things. XD but I can't right now. I'll do it later. QWQ;) 

goodnight, babies. <333

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23 August 2009 @ 01:04 pm

we are special people. 8D CURIOUS GEORGE LUNCH BOX. <3

the meet-up yesterday was really great! <3 I enjoyed it a lot,and there were a lot of awesome people. 
we went to a place called "Den Gamle By" (="The Old Town") and ate ice cream/candy + looked at oldschool toys, and afterwards we hung out in a very pretty park nearby and ate some more. and after that, we ate even more at a vietnamese restaurant. and then we went to a café... 8D now when I think about it, we ate a lot... XD
it was really nice to see people again. ;W; <3

so right now I'm at ryupon 's place, just chillin'. <3 we're gonna watch kannivalism's "apple ching po-po" again now. hohohoh, kannivalism... <3 I'm scared what they will announce the 25th. I really hope they don't disband...;____; I love kei's solo music, but I will reallyreallyreally miss ryou's amazing voice. let's hope it will be good news!! Q3Q <3

anyway, I have had a really great time. <3 how about you guys?

and here's a huge bunch of pictures, AND A VIDEOOOOOO. 8D <3

here's some pictures. 8DCollapse )

I hope you guys are great! <3
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20 August 2009 @ 08:45 pm

whohohoooa, I haven't updated in an eternity! the computer I normally use died some time ago, so I'm rarely online at the moment. sorry for not commenting blogs, but I haven't had enough time.. I will try working on that, after I've written this entry.

there's a lot of things going on with my life right at the moment. municipality, doctors, hospitals and meetings, which are kind of dull and frustrating. but at least something will head in a better direction eventually. ♥ the meetings and all that are not for my family's sake, but for my own. so I hope it will be good for me. @A@;)

I'm going to sleep at ryupon's place this weekend, and saturday we'll attend a meet-up. *W*;)
and I've decided to take Japanese classes again! hopefully, the new teacher will be good.. the last one was not very good at teaching, so many people stopped going there. I don't really think she liked teaching either. XD

I'm really bad at writing entries if I haven't written anything in a while... XD so.. I'll just post a bunch of pictures of what I have been doing + explanations, since it's way easier. XD next entry will probably make more sense, I promise!! 

what I have been doing for the past few weeks ♥Collapse )

I hope you guys are doing great. try to stay happy, right? *A*;)

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vacationnnn, I has it! ♡ (*´∀`*)ノso tomorrow, I'll go visit my best friend, ryupon ~. our plans; go all Indiana Jones-style and sleep in a tent + alcohol + while it's raining. most likely, we'll also try to freak each other out with creepy stories and shiz. I'm sure it'll be fun. (σ・∀・)σ
hopefully, we'll record some of the things we do together, since there's no other way to describe how we are together. the stuff we do together is... you guys know the tv-show, "Scrubs"? they are just as stupid as those things Turk and JD do together. I love it dearly, I really do ♡

my piercing doesn't hurt that much anymore ♡ I can eat regularly again, so I'm totally stuffing myself, haha. I love food~ ♡ I think I'll make some cute bento tomorrow. 
I'll also dye my hair tomorrowww~ I'm gonna dye it brown again, and then cut it shorter. I have a busy day tomorrow. XD anyway, I think it'll turn out good! ♡

and now for a (short) meme! 8D

List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (5 - 1, 1 is the hottest.)
Say which movie/TV show/album it was that hooked you.
Supply photos for said people.
Tag five people!

and the meme goes heeeeere~♡Collapse )
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17 July 2009 @ 12:11 am

I look deeeeead and faded, but SPOT SOMETHING NEW~! QWQ;)/ can you see it?
I have gotten my labret piercing! I'm ultra happy about it, I really am ♡ it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, it only hurt when he thrust the needle through the skin, it didn't hurt afterwards at all. it's kinda sore right now though, since the area around the piercing hasn't swollen up at all, which means the cord is still really long, so I keep biting down harshly on it... which btw is really painful. *cri* XD
I can't eat properly because of it. you all know the size of a normal maki-roll, right? I have to cut it out in 4 pieces, or else I'll chew on the cord... ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ it's totally worth it, though!! I'm so happy about it, aaah~ ♡

I've been working a lot lately, so hopefully I will be able to buy some cool stuff next month~ hopefully some Jeremy Scott x Adidas! ♡

we have pink lady apples in the fridge, om nom noommm~ (`ω´) most people have their apples placed in a bowl or something, but since I really like my apples cold, I store them in the fridge instead. THEY'RE SO GOOOOO~OOOD! I love it.... ♡

my girlfriend is going to Spain this saturday, she's so lucky. @A@ I'm gonna drop her off at the airport, so we have some time together before her flight takes off. I'm kinda glad about that.♡

and if I'm lucky, I can get some vacation from work so I finally have time to hang out with my friends ♡ I haven't hung out with my best friend in ages, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed!

I also have bad news, but I'm saving them this time, I will probably post it in another entry. @D@;)

I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the summer~ (and eating watermelonnnn♡ my love.)
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